Monday, September 14, 2009

Phew… How many ACRONYMS?

Here i am putting up list of new acronyms learned while studying/preparing for SNRS. Don't know how many more will follow & when dictionary will run out of acronyms but for now they seem to be coming along steadily apart from regular (not so acronym anymore) TCP,UDP, IP, FTP, SSH, HTTPS, SMTP, SNMP etc

So here we go
AAA ► Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
AES ► Advanced Encryption Standard 
CBAC ► Context Based Access Control
CEF ► Cisco Express Forwarding
CSACS ► Cisco Secure Access Control Server [aka ACS]
CPPr ► Control Plane Protection
CoPP ► Control Plane Policing
CIFS ► Common Internet File System 
CRL ► Certification Revocation List
DPD ► Dead Peer Detection 
DH ► Diffie-Hellman 
DMVPN ► Dynamic Multipoint VPN
DES ► Data Encryption Standard
3DES ► Triple-DES
EAP ► Extensible Authentication Protocol
                 {{ Challenge Response based }}
    EAP-MD5 ► EAP Message Digest 5
    EAP-MSCHAPv2 ► EAP-Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
    LEAP ► Cisco Lightweight EAP
                 {{ Tunneling methods }}
    PEAP ► Protected EAP
    EAP-FAST ► EAP Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunnelling
    EAP-TTLS ► EAP Tunneled Transport Layer Security
                 {{ Cryptographic based }}
    EAP-TLS ► EAP Transport Layer Security
                 {{ Generic Token based }}
    EAP GTC ► EAP-Generic Token Card
ESP ► Encrypted Security Payload
FPM ► Flexible Packet Matching
GPI ► Granular Protocol Inspection
GRE ► Generic Route Encapsulation
HMAC ► Hash-based Message Authentication Code
IFS ► Cisco IPS File System
ISAKMP ► Internet Security Association & Key Management Protocol
IKE ► Internet Key Exchange
IBNS ► Identity Based Networking Services  
ISM ► Integrated Service Module
ISA ► Integrated Service Adapter
MARs ► Machine Access Restrictions
MPP ► Management Plane Protection
MQC ► Modular QoS CLI
mGRE ► Multipoint Generic Route Encapsulation
NAS ► Network Access Server
NAD ► Network Access Device
NAP ► Network Access Profile
NAC ► Network Admission Control
NHRP ► Next Hop Resolution Protocol
NFP ► Network Foundation Protocol
NAT-T ► Network Address Translation Traversal 
PAM ► Port to Application Mapping
PHDFs ► Protocol Header Data Files
PKI ► Public Key Infrastructure
RRI ► Reverse Route Injection
RTSP ► Real-Time Streaming Protocol
RSA ► Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman
SCCP ► Skinny Client Control Protocol
SCEP ► Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol
SDEE ► Security Device Event Exchange
SME ► Signature Micro Engines
SMIL ► Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language
SHA1 ► Secure Hash Algorithm 1
SDF ► Signature Definition File
uRPF ► Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding 
VAM ► VPN Acceleration Module 
VPNSM ► VPN Services Module
VRF ► VPN Routing & Forwarding

OMG, sure i have missed many but wonder how long their TTL will be for my mind?? For now let just say TTL != 0 :)  Share below if you know more acronyms related to SNRS.

Happy Learning ….
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