Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Route to CCSP-SNRS [642-504]

SNRS – Securing network with (CISCO) routers and switches is one of the required exams towards CCSP certification along with 3 others. (3 required + 1 elective)

Its goanna be my first exam towards CCSP series again :-) since having SND certification (which was one of the exam of CCSP track earlier) is now pre-requisite for CCSP [[CCNA + SND or CCNA Security]]

It largely covers

  • Layer 2 attacks
  • IOS Firewall/IPS
  • Trust and Identity – AAA, ACS, IBNS
  • Cisco Network Foundation Protection using CLI
  • Secured Connectivity – IPSec, VPN

Having gone through few of the topics in SND is surely going to help but now the game is for next level so more details and in depth with more hands-on/labs/practical. SND was more or less theory based exam but hoping SNRS asks for lots of lab (ing) & Sim’s in the exam to make it interesting.

What to Study/Resources available

Where to practice and tools available

Which forums can be helpful?

            Cisco Study Network
            Networking-forum etc

Preparation Strategy [2H2D/w]

2H2D/w --> 2 hours daily (weekdays) & 2 days (weekend) per week. Simple & works for me :)

Everyone should plan or decide the strategy according to your personal, work commitments and target to be achieved. There is no single remedy that can outfit everyone

Check out these links to plan/decide your schedule or strategy

Ethereal Mind
Route My World

I am hoping to finish all the study/practice within 3 months then schedule the exam with a gap of 2 or 3 weeks at nearest VUE centre (works online thx @PearsonVUE). During that time just do practice & practice e.g: quiz, flash cards, CISCO online FAQ’s, Documentation, online practice tests etc

Resources for CCSP esp. on SNRS look like scare on the www, I will try to post my learning’s and experience for others going on same road.

Be SAFE :)

>> Sorabh Kalra >>


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